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The Center will be Moving as of May 1st
Please bear with us as we transition!!!

Our New Home will be 
1850 West Street  Southington

Located .5 mi from ESPN in the Medical & Health Complex "Hands at Work" Massage Center, Porzio Chiropractic & Bridges to Health.

We will have an amazing Larger Yoga, Workshop & Meditation Space !!!

The Center has partnered with this Established Holistic and Wellness space and Rocky Perez owner of "Hands at Work" who is a seasoned Sports & Manual Massage Therapist respected by the Best.

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Sat & Sun Apr  25 & 26th  from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Reading Your Akashic Records

Reading the Akashic Records- the content surround the book and learning ways to read your own Akashic Records.
Must Register in Advance


Akashic Records Readings
with Rosa Chyan


What are the Akashic Records:

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey.  This vibrational body of consciousness exists everywhere in its entirety and is completely available at all times and in all places.  As such, the Records are an experiential body of knowledge that contains everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence, as well as all its future possibilities.    --From How to Read the Akashic Records

Your Records is about you and you only, not anybody else.  Akashic Records information is about the earth planet and not about other galaxy or people that have passed.  The Reading is not prediction nor is it mediumship.  Rather, it helps people to understand reason(s) behind a particular experience and provides information and suggestions which is up to your free will to take actions.   Therefore, “Why, What, How” types of questions work best in Akashic Records Reading.  Yes/no questions do not work in the Akashic Records Reading.

Here are some examples of question:

Your Records is an ocean of information of all of your past, present, and future possibilities.  Therefore, it is extremely important to focus on one thing at a time.   Please think of questions you would like to seek information on.  People find it helpful to write their questions down on paper ahead of time.

What is my right next step in order to get a promotion?

What can I do to resolve the anger against my mom?

How can I better my relationship with my spouse?

How can I help my son?

How can I forgive myself?

Why am I always in financial trouble?

Why can’t I speak up for myself?

Why am I afraid of darkness?

What is the spiritual lesson that I am supposed to learn from this?

What can you expect?

The Akashic Records are organized by full legal name so your full legal name (as on the Income Tax form) will need to be provided at the time of the reading.

With your permission, Rosa Chyan will access the heart of your Akashic Records by saying the pathway prayer.  The first part of the prayer is for you to hear and the second part is for connecting to your Records in silence.  Rosa will announce the Records open at the end of the prayer.

The process begin with you share your story & ask a specific question arises from the particular experience you like to explore.  The Energy of the Akashic Records is moved by spoken words and conversation serves the purpose of finding the exact match of the event you want to address.  Very much like typing in the right key words for googling.  The reading is concluded by a closing prayer.

Rosa’s regular sessions are 30 or 45 minutes.  30 minutes for $45 can address 1 to 2 questions.  45 minutes for $60 can address 2 to 4 questions depending on the depth of each.   


Rosa did a great job of exploring each question to gain a full picture.  As a result she was able to answer all of my questions clearly, and also share some additional nuance level perspective about things that I had not fully acknowledged and connected together.  This resulted in me stepping away from the discussion better understanding some connections in my own circumstances and work.  Rosa is extremely warm, empathetic and accepting.  Her presence is soothing and her work for me was exactly what I needed for this moment and as a result was very helpful. Thank you!                                                                                                   ---  Jamie from ME

Rosa was able to easily access the HEART of what my questions were. I deeply resonated with the information because it was always with me and having another person connect with that for me was greatly helpful and validating beyond words.To be validated by SOUL was amazing. 
                                                                                                            ---  Audrey B 
About Rosa Chyan:

Rosa Chyan is a Certified Teacher with the Center for Akashic Studies, a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner, and a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.  Her passion is helping people to help themselves.

Being a full time actuary working with numbers under tight deadlines, Rosa experiences first-hand how stress and challenges in life can hinder our overall wellbeing.   Therefore, she offers to share with people the tools she has learned that can help us move toward a peaceful, happy, and effective life. 


Feel free to have your own device record the reading.  Upon request, Rosa can also record the reading and email you the link to download the MP3 file.   All sessions are private and confidential.  You are the only person that can receive the live reading.  Reason for this is that the Akashic Records Reading is very personal as it is your soul’s journey.  It is during the reading a deep healing at the conscious level occurs.  This process requires no distraction from other people

John Odlum & Davind Ascenza have Essence Meditation Thurs 7-9 pm

           Call the Center to register 860-276-5843

Thurs 4/9
once a month
7:00 – 9:00 pm

Essence & Sound Meditation
With John Odlum & David Ascenza

This Meditation grounds you in beautiful essential oils from Wisdom of the Earth and John leads you on a guided grounding guided imagery meditation while David connects with the beauty of the sound healing instruments to bring you an awesome experience in connection and relaxation. $25

The Plants are here to help us, and willingly aid us
                to heal on many levels”

Yoga with Sandi Sasso Every Tuesday
              6:00 – 7:00 pm

Did you know all these health benefits        of YOGA????
4 classes for $40 or $12 drop in