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Center for Holistic Practices & Psychotherapy - Introducing Integrative whole health services to our community !
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Oscar Workshop-    see below

We will be hosting Oscar Miro Quesada 
Sat Jan 31st
 9:00 am – 8:30 pm for an 
ALL DAY Apprenticeship workshop with this Master Shaman.

Lessons in Courage” Peruvian Shamanism for Everyday Life”  
based on the book of same title.

3 Barnard Lane
Top Floor
Bloomfield, Ct $150.00
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December Happenings at the Center
We wish you a beloved Holiday Season and Thank You for sharing this Earth with us at this time. 

Thank You for your support!!
~ The Center ~

Friday 12/5    Sound Healing Meditation

       Engage in vibrational healing aligned with the Harmonic Balance and natural rhythms of serenity. Ed has a vast understanding of the vibrational frequencies of sound and the ability to connect with balancing energy and flow of this Healing Art. He has evolved into a powerful Sound Healer and uses his intuition to connect with the Energy of the space and creates a safe and supportive environment to relax and restore you.

Kids 5:00- 5:45 pm $12
Adults 6:30 – 8:30 $20
Thurs 12/18 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Essence & Sound Meditation
With John Odlum & David Ascenza

This Meditation grounds you in beautiful essential oils from Wisdom of the Earth and John leads you on a guided grounding guided imagery meditation while David connects with the beauty of the sound healing instruments to bring you an awesome experience in connection and relaxation. $25

The Plants are here to help us, and willingly aid us to heal on many levels”
Friday 12/19 7:00 – 10:00 
(Pot Luck to follow)

Ceremony & Meditation !!

This Solstice we will be engaging in an Extra- Ordinary ceremony that will connect us to our personal myths about the Star relatives, process our fears, let go of the barriers and open the portal to Oneness. In this Great time on Earth there are increasing sightings, encounters and extensive research as well as validation from military and professional people of experiences and information about our Star relatives that has long been silenced. Perhaps the windows have been opened and we are being invited to validate the existence of these frequent connections which bring about mystery, anxiety and disjointedness. Perhaps we are being called to stand at the door of Oneness now at this time.

This divine inspired collaboration will be a mixture of sharing and processing to begin our evening. We will set a crystal and tourmaline template for our work together with whatever items you bring to represent and honor the Star relatives.

Bring comfortable items to relax: meditation will be lying down on the floor, and processing work will be done sitting on the floor with backjacks or pillows. Bring your finest crystals, (cleared), and Black Tourmaline. (Bring offerings of sound instruments, voice, and heart centered connection to deepen our relationship to all our relatives) Bring items which represent your honor and respect for the Star Relatives to place on the central sacred space. (flowers, crystals, incense, etc) Bring a snack or dish to share in feast afterward.
If you are looking for an Extra-Ordinary way to celebrate this Winter Solstice and connect with the grounding of the Earth and the Dream work of calling in the Oneness into the upper realms then Join Ed Cleveland and Audrey Bennett for a Divine inspired Shamanic Sound Wave of interwoven ceremony. Step into the Dream.

Friday December 19 7:00 – 10:00pm $25 Space is limited to 21 people Register in Advance.
Classes- enter the date 12/19- then click on Winter Solstice
Yoga with Sandi Sasso Every Tuesday 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Did you know all these health benefits of YOGA????
4 classes for $40 or $12 drop in